Debate 6. E-Tools for advanced democracy

E-tools to connect Euroland citizens

Democracy has been created and developed since about 200 years in the European national states, but it is very underdeveloped in the most advanced political system, the system of European governance and it is especially nearly non-existent in the economic, financial and political governance of the Eurozone. So we have the challenge to fill this “democratic void” through the activities of the euro-citizens supported by Internet-based tools, which they rely on in their professional and private life and thus contribute to the invention of 21st century internet-based democracy.

The workshop has immediate short-term and long-term, sustainable goals:

  • Help to create a stable small group that act as caretakers of the E-Agora. Tools alone cannot solve the problem, any endeavor needs to be managed and this management also needs tools, especially communication tools. Here our experience is, that there is not one solutions, but we need to manage the communication through different channels, like social media, email, video-conferences, …
  • Develop a portal, that provides basic information and access to platforms and tools.
  • Identify the basic areas of E-Governance, where tools are needed, like debate, voting, documentation, communication.
  • Identify existing tools and make them available to the community.
  • Identify areas, where innovative approaches are desirable (example: the use of data-mining for e-democracy).




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