Preparing the 1st residential meeting of the Agora in Athens

Here we will discuss about of our next event: 1st Agora of Euroland citizens in Athens (February 2016)

Propose workshops, speakers, events around the Agora.

For any input on the initial contents for the workshops of the agora please use the other sections. (Greece crisis solutions, Euroland Public Statement, Agora-Citizens connection, e-tools, rules)


What is the Agora of Euroland Citizens ?

The Agora intends to be the first online system of representation of the citizens of Euroland.

A collaborative process

The first Agora of Euroland Citizens will be organized collaboratively, involving any individual interested in contributing actively to the definition of the programme, the proposal of topics, the selection of papers, the identification of keynote speakers, the research  of funds, the logistics, etc… Just connect to the Agora’s public social network group and ask to join the organization committee’s closed platform.

 After the physical Agora…

The first aim of the Agora of Euroland Citizens in Athens is to set up an online Agora  enabling citizens to gather around one common public space of debate, vote and follow-up on issues of common interest on a permanent basis.

Format and programme of the physical Agora

The Agora will take place in Athens over 3 days in February 2016, along the following lines:

Day 1 : Plenary sessions

Day 2 : Topic workshops

Day 3 : Project workshops + plenary closing session

Detailed programme will decided upon in a collaborative manner, based on Club Newropeans and LEAP basis input. Initial topics include:

. solutions to the Greek crisis

. technical tools to connect Euroland citizens

. functioning rules of the first e-Agora of Euroland Citizens

. connecting the Agora to Euroland citizens on a large scale

. drafting a first “Euroland Citizen Public Statement”

Funding mechanism

Participants are required to pay for their travel and accomodation expenses.

Newropeans will set up a crowd-funding system to cover additional costs: conference rooms, luncheons and coffee-breaks, live-streaming, staff, leaflets, etc… (budget available here)





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